Crypto, Skull, Cravers

We shall embark upon the high seas — uncharted waters; if you must. We’ll provide one of the most buoyant vessels on the crypto seas — a vetted community of individuals who are able to leverage cryptocurrency investments with confidence.

We will do this by providing the highest quality secure Cryptocurrency tokens to the alt marketplace utilizing proper blockchain development, community management, strong communication, and accessible websites.

Cryptocurrency has generated worldwide curiosity — individuals and institutional capitalists alike. Fidelity investments, JP Morgan, and PayPal can no longer turn a blind — estimates forecast 1.7 trillion USD by 2028.

As a new technology — there is a learning curve; bad actors have been actively exploiting loopholes that new investors are unaware of. A massive spike in scams and ‘rug pulls’ have appeared ubiquitously throughout the entire marketplace. According to the Cryptocurrency Crime and Anti-Money Laundering Report, scammers have unlawfully stolen over 1.9B USD, which makes up 73% of 2020’s total crimes.

An unregulated crypto market comes with inherent flaws — but also the benefits of decentralization. It’s what allows us to build separate financial systems on blockchain technology. Most alt coins on the market right now don’t pan out the way that they should — something goes wrong more often than not; and they crash. We’re going to change that.